5 Steps to New Flooring

5 Steps to New Flooring

Learn about our Concord, NC flooring contractor’s process

Before your new flooring can be installed, your subfloor will need to be prepared. Here are five preliminaries to the installation of new flooring that your contractors from Divine Hardwood Flooring and Construction, Inc. will take care of:

  1. Clean your subfloor.
  2. Patch up any concrete flaws.
  3. Sand, grind or blast your subfloor.
  4. Find and replace and areas of your subfloor damaged by water.
  5. Refinish your concrete subfloor.

Once these steps are complete, we’ll clean up your area and get ready to install your new flooring. Reach out to us today to learn more about our floor preparation services.

Get rid of water damage

If left untreated, a leak from your dishwasher, sink or refrigerator can destroy your wooden subfloors. Thankfully, Divine Hardwood Flooring and Construction can help. We’ll find the source of your water damage and treat or replace the subflooring that’s been affected.

If you think you have water damage in your subflooring, call 704-795-7002 to speak with a Concord, NC-based flooring contractor.